Building instructions for Work Lamp and Reading Lamp


3m wire, socket, lamp socket (w. switch) and a lightbulb – LED spot. If you are unable to get a socket with a switch then a switch on the wire works fine.

10X10mm strips of wood 7oo mm (1200mm for the Reading Lamp) and 500mm

2 M4 45mm, 1 M4 35mm, 1 M4 16mm bolts

3 10mm steel springs – you can buy these in well stocked hardware shops usually in lengths of 300mm. Cut off the length needed.

10 steel washers, 7 nylon washers

4 locknuts

casting concrete


Download the STL files and print the lamp parts in ABS. You can print the mould in PLA since it will not be exposed to heat.


Casting the base

The 3D printed swivel base is cast into the concrete base. It fits into a smal indentation in the center of the mould. You’ll need to apply a release agent to the mould. Bees wax or any commercial mould release will do the job.

Put the base into the mould and fix it into place with clamps.

With the clamps in place, you can start pouring the concrete. Use a wooden stick to work the concrete into the mould. To avoid air bubbles in industrial concrete casting the mould is put on a vibration surface. To achieve a similar result you can tap the sides of the mould with a piece of wood.

The concrete needs at least 24 hours to set and about 4 days to dry completely. Once dry you can use bees wax to seal the surface.


Putting the lamp together

Collect the 3D prints, bolts, nuts, washers and springs. Please be careful with the 3D printed parts. Do NOT tighten the bolts too much – the parts may break.

Cut and drill the wooden strips. Use a 4mm drill and center the holes on the strip.

Measurements on the drawing above are in cm.

Now you’re ready to start assembly. The springs will put tension on bolts 1, 2 and 4.


  1. make sure to place the 3D printed washers right. They should be facing each other.

The M4 bolt heads should all point in the same direction. Washers and springs should look like the image above. Bolt/steel washer/spring/steel washer/nylon washer. Always use a nylon washer next to wood or 3D printed parts.

The socket holder hides the bolt head – as you can see in the image above. The holder is slightly larger than the average socket so you may need place a bit of electrical tape around the socket to make it fit into the holder. You cannot mount the socket until the M4 bolt is tightened.

Finally you put the wire clamps on the lamp and you are good to go :).

If you have issues with the instructions then leave s comment and I’ll get back to you.


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